Felix and Cosima lighting up together and talking about “lesbians in his bed”:




Introducing, the Clone Club Library! 

If you didn’t already notice, you could probably write and entire thesis on Orphan Black. And the Clone Club Library is here to help you with that if you ever want to! Or if you just want to totally geek out about every aspect of this show. Here you will find a ton of well written posts by members of the clone club regarding the show in many various topics. Everything is separated into categories and Season 1 and Season 2, so that you may enjoy your stay in the library spoiler-free! 

As of now there are already 120+ posts and I will keep digging for more to add. If you think I’m missing something, do tell me! I’ve also included a little ballpit in the corner of the library (because you’re gonna need it). I’m serious, go check it out and see for yourself. So do pay us a visit and please reblog this post to spread the word about the library! Happy reading!  


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Jordan answers "are you gay?" | Jordan Gavaris


Q: Let me ask you a question. Personally - and it does affect my follow-up -  which is, are you gay?

Jordan Gavaris: Oh, that’s - I do not talk about my personal life or home life… I think that there’s a danger with actors - and this goes for gay or straight - there’s a danger in talking about not just your personal life, not your romantic life, your home life. We are supposed to be the people who work as blank canvasses for an audience. So no matter what answer I give to that question, no matter how much information the public knows - and you know, they think they want to know, they don’t really want to know - nobody really wants to know because you alienate some member. Any answer I gave would take away from the magic of Felix.




So my Orphan Black DVD came today and we seem to have a different cover in the UK. So I just couldn’t resist…

The clones are always watching:


Clone Raver


There’s even one in the bloody washing machine


Slam Duncan in her executive…

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it’s 2023 and orphan black is in it’s 10th season. tatiana maslany is still being asked about what music she listens to to get into character.

she produces a solitary tape recorder silently clicking it on for rachel it’s 90s slow jams a…

We all have our favorite clone on Orphan Black. For many, it is funky bisexual scientist Cosima. For others — like myself — stressed out soccer mom Alison gets top billing. And still others gravitate toward punk protagonist Sarah. But if you ask the woman who plays them all, Tatiana Maslany, who her favorite clone is lately, you’ll get a surprising answer: Rachel.

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Tatiana Maslany’s Disturbing German Fairy Tales

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Do you enjoy the action scenes? Are there things about your job that you don’t enjoy?

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Happy PREMIERE WEEK, #CloneClub!

Some of you just got here, others have been waiting an excruciating 319 days (not that you’ve been counting.) But friends, the wait is almost over….

Orphan Black is BACK this SATURDAY at 9/8c on BBC AMERICA.


As you may know, we are a fan of ridiculous calendars, so we’ve taken over the whiteboards at bbcamerica HQ to bring you It’s All Happening: The OB Schedule of Events. (Apologies in advance for the light glare… we couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights off. Do you know how many light switches BBC AMERICA HQ has? We will tell you. It has a lot.)

Monday - Soooo… Monday happened. This seems like the right time to reveal why this schedule is one day late: We got so overwhelmed by the excitement of premiere week that we couldn’t do anything besides eat mini cadbury cream eggs and watch the trailer.


We’re totally good now, though.

Tuesday - Today are loving your #OB S2 Premiere Plans and reblogging them like crazy. We are also snooping around Pinterest, looking at all your fun Orphan Black pins. Also happening today: a sweet OBGIf recap of Season One (courtesy of John, the very same John who made those clone masks!), some Bingo S1 Binge Boards, sticker mania… well, you’ll see.

Also, Tatiana is on Conan tonight at 11/10c. Here is the blurb on Team Coco's website:


As far as blurbs go, that’s a great blurb. Top quality blurbage.

Wednesday - Today is all about OBInstagram. We’ll be checking out your OB pics and selfies, so take a bunch and tag them with #OrphanBlack and #CloneClub. 


Also, creator Graeme Manson will be on Larry King Now at 5PM/4c est as part of Showrunners Week, Tatiana will be chatting it up with NPR (time TBD), and Orphan Black: The Cloneversation will reair at 11PM/10c est.


Thursday - Today we’re monitoring Orphan Black YouTubers! We want to see some #Cloneplay clips, OB analysis, webOBsiodes, footage of you dancing around with a fake tail pretending to be Helena… clips celebrating all things OB.

On Thursday night, we’re having an Orphan Black S2 Premiere Fan Screening with the cast and creators in NYC! EVERYONE over 18 is invited, but it’s first come first serve, so start lining up early. Click HERE for all the details. We will be there, being a little awkward, trying to play it cool, failing.

If you can’t make it to the screening, don’t worry. We’ll post a ton of pictures and we’ll be live tweeting highlights from the Q&A with cast & crew after the screening is over 8PM/7c est. You’re monitoring us on Twitter, right? 

Friday - Today is your last chance to get your #OBinge on before premiere. Orphan Black Season 1 will be on BBC AMERICA from 9AM/8c est to 7PM/6c est. Park it on the couch, flip to BBC AMERICA and don’t even think about moving for ten hours.*


*On second thought, maybe stretch between episodes? We need to keep you fresh for premiere day.


Saturday - Today is premiere day. It’s a clone show, so it’s worth repeating: TODAY is PREMIERE day. We’ll be following all the #CloneClub action online (the second coming of Tatianapocalypse?) and covering it all from BBC AMERICA HQ on Orphan Black Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook… platforms that don’t even exist yet - we’ll somehow be on them! Talking about Orphan Black!


A note about Saturday night. You should absolutely watch the show with us live. We will be LIVE TUMBLRING and LIVE TWEETING, and rumor has it some cast members will be providing some live commentary as well. Your DVR will not be able to capture the collective #CloneClub excitement of the evening, so show your support for this weird little clone show we all love and be there at 9/8c for the first episode of Orphan Black’s EPIC second season!

Sunday - Rest. Recover. Rewatch. Rehydrate. Repeat. Guys, that was just the first episode. We’re doing this again in six days!


DONT you just HATE IT when youre KNEADING BREAD DOUGH and the dough HARDENS around your ENTIRE BODY and you become TRAPPED in a COCOON of BREAD only to emerge 4 MONTHS LATER as the ULTIMATE SUBLIME STARCH MOTH and ATTACK the CITY